October 28, 2021
Catching Fire PDF

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games 2)

Catching Fire PDF

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  • Book Name: Catching Fire PDF
  • Author Name: Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire Book Summary

At some point after Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark come back to District 12 after their triumph in the 74th Hunger Games, President Snow visits Katniss and clarifies that her activities in the Games have roused uprisings. He arranges her to utilize the up and coming Victory Tour to persuade individuals that her activities were out of affection and not rebellion against the Capitol, notice her that her companions, family, and District 12 will in any case endure, yet she is fruitless in doing as such. During the visit, Katniss’ tutor Haymitch Abernathy cautions her that she and Peeta, as Victors like him, will presently need to fill in as coaches to future tributes and that their demonstration of affection will be compelled to proceed for the remainder of their lives.

Peacekeepers enter District 12 to get serious about criminal behavior, and Katniss’ companion Gale is freely whipped in the wake of assaulting the Head Peacekeeper. Notwithstanding, Haymitch, Peeta and Katniss utilize their impact as Hunger Games victors to spare Gale from being executed. This is communicated on state TV; accordingly, Snow concludes that the Hunger Games victors have an excessive amount of intensity and should be destroyed. He reports that the up and coming Hunger Games – the 75th in general and the second from last Quarter Quell – will include tributes chose from past victors, permitting him to discard practically every one of them. Katniss is crushed, realizing she will be compelled to partake as she is the main living female Victor from District 12, and she quickly gives herself to guaranteeing Peeta endures. On Reaping Day, Haymitch’s name is drawn, however Peeta quickly volunteers to have his spot. Haymitch uncovers that the tributes are irate about being compelled to come back to the Games and will in all likelihood endeavor to stop it. For her pre-Games talk with, Katniss wears a wedding dress, as requested by Snow, however her beautician Cinna sets it to change into an image of a mockingjay. Peeta reports that he and Katniss, who had recently declared their commitment during their Victory Tour in an ineffective endeavor to subdue the Districts, are anticipating a youngster. The residents at that point fight for the Games to be halted without any result. Not long before Katniss enters the field, Cinna is seriously beaten by Peacekeepers before her as discipline for his messing with her dress and afterward hauled away.

In the Games, Katniss aligns with District 4 tributes Finnick Odair and the older Mags, his tutor. At the point when the field’s forcefield stuns Peeta, halting his heart, Finnick restores him. The gathering is then compelled to escape from a toxic haze; when Peeta can’t go on, Mags penances herself so that Finnick can support him. At the point when mandrills assault, Peeta is spared by the surprising penance of a concealing tribute. The gathering getaways to the sea shore, where Finnick welcomes District 3’s Wiress and Beetee and District 7’s Johanna Mason. Wiress rehashes the expression “tick-tock”, driving Katniss to understand that the field is planned like a clock, with constant perils every hour contained inside their individual zones. Wiress’ throat is cut by Gloss, one of the Careers. Shine is then lethally shot by Katniss while Johanna executes his sister, Cashmere. Finnick is harmed by another Career, and the Gamemakers turn the clock to bewilder the tributes.

Beetee proposes drawing the remainder of the Careers to the wet sea shore and shocking them, which was the means by which he himself recently dominated the Matches. The gathering isolates to set up the snare. At the point when Brutus and Enobaria rise, Johanna removes the tracker of Katniss’ arm and escapes. Katniss finds an oblivious Beetee. Unfit to recoup Peeta, and hearing a gun (Peeta executing Brutus), Katniss nearly slaughters Finnick, thinking he deceived them, yet he reminds her to recall who the genuine adversary is. Katniss joins some wire to a bolt and shoots it into the field’s rooftop similarly as lightning strikes a close by tree to which the wire is connected. The top of the field breaks and the lightning strike deadens Katniss and weakens Finnick. It additionally causes a force disappointment that cuts down the vault and debilitates the surveillance cameras, keeping the Capitol from watching the occasions.

Katniss stirs in an air cushion vehicle with an oblivious Beetee. She discovers Haymitch, Finnick, and Plutarch Heavensbee, the new head Gamemaker, who uncovers himself to be a radical against Snow. Katniss learns they are destined for District 13, the base camp of the insubordination, and that a large portion of the tributes were enrolled to help Katniss escape, as she is the image of the developing defiance. After further discovering that Peeta and Johanna couldn’t be safeguarded and are currently hostages in the Capitol, Katniss irately assaults Haymitch for not staying faithful to his obligation to ensure Peeta, however, is immediately calmed. She stirs to discover Gale close by. He guarantees her that her family is sheltered, yet additionally uncovers that District 12 has been decimated after Snow was made mindful of the dissidents’ plot.

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